Author: s0ew4_@35


The Siren-Bike is a playable physics-experiment based on Hermann von Helmholtz’ ideas from 1875.
Together with Prof. Caspar Johannes Walter I developed an instrument that can be played like riding a bike. The piece was exhibited at Akademie der Künste in the context of Labor Beethoven 2020.

Chladni Experiment

Around 1800, Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni traveled through Europe and fascinated people with his plates that make sound visible. We turned the experiment into an instrument.
If a system is excited with a natural frequency, standing waves are formed. These waves oscillate in time but are constant in space. Standing waves have so-called nodal points at which the plate does not move. These nodal points are dependent on the respective resonance.

X_Stage Project

We use science communication as a means of breaking down barriers to science.
The Experimental Stage Project is a Berlin-based association that combines art and science. Using media such as sound, light, video and various physical phenomena, we exhibit in unusual public spaces such as festivals, fairs and galleries. We don’t give lectures to the audience, but try to arouse curiosity.


We support students of the Technische Universität Berlin to develop their own projects and present them to the public.
lab:present & lab:prepare are teaching projects in the field of science communication at the Technical University of Berlin. The content and form of the presentations are largely determined by the students. We are open to all ideas, from do-it-yourself tutorials to art installations to more classical scientific lectures.
Since the winter semester 19/20, the seminar lab:prepare has been available to prepare for the presentation module lab:present.

Labor Beethoven 2020

This project of the Academy of the Arts Berlin encouraged young artists to experiment with new ideas in the context of Beethovens work.
Labor Beethoven 2020  was initiated on the 250 year anniversary of Beethoven’s death.  Nine composers from Basel, Tel Aviv and Thessaloniki worked over a period of 3 years on new, experimental perspectives on Beethoven’s works.
Through and with Anda Kryeziu I became part of the project. Since 2018 we have been working together on vibrations in liquids. At the end of the project phase in March 2020, I exhibited three installations that moved between music and physics: the Helmholtz siren bicycle, Chladnic sound figures and an interferometer instrument.